wget Download Files From Google Drive

You can download files from Google Drive using wget. Before that you need to know that files in Google Drive are small and large sized. Files less than 100MB are considered small, where files larger than 100MB are considered large. The file must be shared publicly before being downloaded. Select […]

MySQL function INET_ATON()

MySQL Function INET_ATON()

MySQL function INET_ATON(‘ip_address’) Converting IP Address to Big Integer. One sample of use: Find out does user “faras1” logged in within – on local network? SELECT id, user_id, user_name, user_ip, message, `action`, created_at, updated_at FROM logs WHERE INET_ATON(user_ip) BETWEEN INET_ATON(’’) AND INET_ATON(’’) AND user_name=’faras1′; Result: